The Story

Elle by Mel (previously known as livingwithzoey) was founded in 2019 by yours truly, Melissa.

Having been in the retail world for as long as I could remember, I felt like I had accomplished all that I wanted and felt like there was still something missing. Not only did I feel unchallenged by the retail world, I also felt like I was in a fast fashion consumption wheel (one that seemed impossible to get out of). Shopping in malls and fashion outlets, I started feeling jaded with what was sold in stores. Was this all the fashion world had to offer? Could I be eco-friendly AND fashionable?

Realizing that this wasn't an isolated phenomenon ( I couldn't be the only one feeling like this!), I decided to launch a "modern vintage brand" that combined VINTAGE clothing for the MODERN fashionista. Named after my cat "Zoey" which means "life" in Greek, I developed an online shop based in Montreal, Canada. 

My client is a fashionable, creative-minded woman who wants to be able to love what she wears and still contribute to the "shopping smart" movement. She knows what she wants, what she likes and has a playful side to her.

My shop offers vintage items as well as some trendy accessories. Each vintage item is found, researched and curated so that you, the client, can fall in love with it all over again. Inspired by today's current trends, vintage shopping has never been easier. 

In April 2022, I decided LWZ needed a change. The last years as a vintage curator had given me a lot of growth, strength and most of all, knowledge. I decided to incorporate a new name for the brand, not to dissolve it - on the contrary - to make it evolve into a new chapter called ELLE. 

So who is 'elle' you may ask?
Elle...c'est moi.